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Teeth Whitening

Smiling is a positive emotion, you should never deny yourself of. Today's modern dentistry means everyone can smile with confidence.

Take-Home kits

Dorking Dentists

Thanks to advances in the technology and accessibility of the process involved, it's now much easier to improve the appearance of your smile in the comfort of your own home. We offer Phillips Zoom take-home whitening treatment as this is a very effective and gentle method of whitening your teeth. During a brief appointment with us, we will take impressions of your upper and lower teeth to create your custom made trays for the whitening gel.

We then have a second short appointment to make sure your trays fit well and to show you how to apply the whitening gel. All that is left to do is to wear the gel filled trays for 90 minutes/day or overnight for 1-2 weeks until you are happy with how white your teeth are.

Whitening Options

Convenience means different things to different people, so we have two styles of home whitening that can brighten your smile. Each teeth whitening kit has a different strength formula, which your dentist will advise you on. All of our whitening treatments are designed to whiten your teeth with the minimum sensitivity.


At home

30 minutes
twice a day

DayWhite is perfect if you want to wear trays for as short a time as possible during the day. You wear trays for 30 to 90 minutes, for results in as little as 2 weeks.

£350 includes two consultations


At home

4-6 hours
every night

NiteWhite lets you whiten overnight as you sleep and is ideal if you’d rather wear trays at night. Available in different strengths, NiteWhite also gives noticeable results in 2 weeks.

£350 includes two consultations

Retreatment gel refills available from £20. A dental check-up is recommended before any retreatments.

Questions & Answers

Is it safe?

The safest way to whiten teeth is by using gel prescribed by a dental professional.

Whitening products that you can buy outside of your dentist only contain 0.1% hydrogen peroxide and very little active ingredient to whiten your teeth.

Some products don’t contain any whitening ingredients and contain harmful ingredients such as lemon juice, citric acid and bicarbonate soda to dissolve stains which can be damaging to teeth in the long term.

For additional safety information, visit General Dental Council .

How does it work?

Professional whitening products contain higher levels of hydrogen peroxide which is necessary to break down the stains and discolouration within the tooth structure. This is safe and effective provided it is used as prescribed by a dentist and within custom made whitening trays.

Will it hurt?

Some sensitivity is normal however this can be reduced dramatically with the addition of desensitizing agents. Philips Zoom! take home gels have a unique desensitizer known as ACP that is shown to reduce sensitivity without compromising on result.

Twice as many users/patients reported no sensitivity when using NiteWhite ACP versus whitening without ACP.

Treatment fee

£350 per home-use personal Philips Zoom! kit, includes two consultations with our Principal dentist.

Retreatment gel refills available from £20. Though we recommend a dental check-up before any home-use retreatments.

We know and understand the importance of a confident smile.

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