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Anxious Patients

Reputation for helping nervous patients.

Patients with a fear of dental treatment usually avoid visiting unless they are in pain. This leads to neglected teeth more likely to result in painful dental problems. This heightens the anxiety and fear of visiting the dentist as they are only attending when they have an acute problem and it can be very difficult to break out of this cycle.

We would encourage you to contact us if you are a nervous patient, we can discuss your concerns and reassure you that we understand you.

Dr Downey and the Dental Team are very calm and easy to talk to, we listen and take the extra time to make you feel comfortable, whilst helping to build or rebuild a level of confidence in the benefits of attending the dentist regularly and not just when you’re experiencing a dental problem.

Sometimes the cost of dental treatment can add to your anxiety. Please be assured we have an open and transparent pricing policy and no treatment will commence without us explaining up front the cost of any dental treatment required.

Gentle Dentist - James Downey


My treatment was excellent. I appreciated the advice given to me and the time spared to answer my questions. The whole atmosphere is calming and reassuring.


Excellent Dental treatment in a calming relaxed atmosphere. Thanks to Dr Downey I have no worries or concerns having dental treatment.


I was really happy to find a dentist who is not only technically excellent, but also very gentle.