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Children's Dentistry

Teaching children about good oral hygiene now can prevent problems in later life.

Just as its important for you to attend a check-up every 6 months, don't forget about your child's essential dental exams too. We understand that some younger children might be a little apprehensive about having their teeth and mouth examined, and for that reason our team have developed a range of techniques to keep them engaged and entertained while they’re visiting us.

During your child's appointment, Dr Downey will check their teeth and gums for signs of any visible problems or tooth decay and discuss with you any dental concerns. Often, early problems can be managed with better oral hygiene and some simple dietary changes, so it is important for them to attend regular check-ups so that we can ensure their mouth is healthy and developing normally and try and minimise any intervention.

Children's Dentist - James Downey

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How often should children attend the dentist?

This can vary depending on a number of factors. The best form of dentistry is preventative, so depending on your child’s oral health care requirements, this can mean they may need to visit more frequently or less frequently than the usual 6 months. Dr Downey will always discuss with you your child’s dental treatment needs and advise their specific frequency of dental visits.

NHS contract

We have a small NHS contract for children who would like to see us. Please call for further information and to see if we have availability. NHS dental treatment is free for children up to the age of 18 provided they are in full time education.


Once your child has finished school, they can remain as a registered patient with us and while still in further education, Dr Downey will offer most dental treatment with a 20% student discount.

Questions & Answers

New Patient Visit

On arrival as a new patient we will ask you to complete a new patient medical questionnaire and if you want a smile wish list as well. All of this information is held confidentially.

Existing Patient Visit

As an existing patient, at your regular dental visits, we will ask you to inform us of any medical changes. It is very important that you keep us informed of any changes in your health as it could impact on any proposed dental treatments.

How long does treament take?

A routine examination usually involves 10 minutes with our principal dentist.

Will the treatment hurt?

We will do our best to make sure any treatment needed is as painless as possible. As with adults, local anaesthetic is normally necessary for fillings and extractions and most children manage very well once the procedure has been explained to them.

More information

To discuss any aspect of the care we offer to children, or to book an appointment for your child, please call (01306) 887764 to speak to a member of our friendly team and arrange an appointment.

We know and understand the importance of oral hygiene.